So you have a glitch in your credit, but you have been doing really well otherwise...decent income, paying bills and rent on time.  You need some time to fix your credit to be able to buy that home you have been dreaming about.  Well, here is a program just for you.  If qualified, Home Partners Of America will buy the dream house you pick, lease it to you.  Then when you are ready for the loan, you just buy it from them.  You wouldn't have to fight with multiple offers, you won't have to negotiate... all the numbers are predetermined, so you know exactly what you are getting into.   But by some chance, you change your mind, your only obligation (financial or otherwise), is the commitment to 1 year lease.  Here, watch the short video at the link below, look around the website, and/then call us and we will walk you through and help you find your dream home.